This page lists and attributes the sources of railway industry data used by Pilning Station Group.

The data is used for a number of purposes — both public and non-public — by the Group. Where applicable, the uses for each source are listed.

Network Rail

Description and uses

Network Rail Open Data feeds used directly: TD (Train Describer).
Network Rail Open Data feeds used indirectly: TRUST, RTPPM, Schedule, VSTP (all by Realtime Trains).

Network Rail's TD feed provides the 'live' train passing movements used by Pilning Live.


Contains Information of Network Rail Infrastructure Limited licensed under the following licence:


National Rail Enquiries

Description and uses

National Rail Enquiries data feeds used directly: Live Departure Boards Staff Web Service (OpenLDBSVWS), Darwin KnowledgeBase (KB).

OpenLDBSVWS is used by Pilning Live to provide (where available) the time and origin destination points for passenger services.

KB (stations feed) is used by Pilning Hall of Fame (Challenges) to provide a searchable list of official station names when submitting a challenge.


Powered by National Rail Enquiries. Data provided under licence.


Swlines Ltd (Realtime Trains and RailMiles)

Description and uses

Realtime Trains (RTT) provides a Pull API which is used for a number of purposes by Pilning Station Group. Primary public destinations for this information include the Realtime and Statistics websites, as well as acting as a trigger for the Twitter announcements.

Whilst all data from this source remains public (and is the same as per RTT's own site), it is additionally used to supplement PSG's non-public analytics.

Pilning Station Group also uses the RailMiles Mileage Engine for calculating distances on Pilning Hall of Fame (Challenges).


With a great many thanks from all at PSG to Swlines Ltd for very kindly providing these services.
Realtime Trains additionally uses rail industry data sources. See RTT's sources page for more information.


Pilning Station Group

Description and uses

Pilning Station Group collect and curate a number of on-the-ground metrics in relation to train running, for which open data sources are unavailable, unreliable or only published at lengthy intervals.
The majority of this data is held for non-public statistical use, and assists in the station's ongoing business case. Published elements currently include:

Rolling stock used on each service calling at the station (this shows on individual train running pages on Realtime).

A gauge of passenger numbers published on the main Pilning Station website.


A personal thanks from the developer for the tireless efforts of those who use the sparse service at Pilning, and all those campaigning to breathe life and soul back into our plucky little station.



Description and uses

The Pilning Hall of Fame (Challenges) website uses data provided by you, the Pilning Legend. Whilst Challenge data is confidential, some statistical information is published in aggregate form.

A Hall of Fame leader board is made public, showing the number of Bronze/Silver/Gold awards won by each Pilning Legend, using your nickname only.

Pilning Station Group uses the routeing data as feedback with which to construct new and exciting Challenges, as well as to verify Challenge runs for the all-important exclusive ticket!


All Challenge data is sourced from you. You continue to help Pilning improve its passenger numbers, so all we can really say to you, is thank you! You are what makes the fight worthwhile, you are the station's soul, you are everything to us.